After School STEAM Programs in New York City

iCAMP's after-school program works with schools around NYC to teach kids fun topics like coding, design, and robotics. Learn more about our program today!

NYC After School STEAM

Since launching in the summer of 2018, iCAMP has had thousands of campers between the ages of 1.5-13 attend our STEAM programs. Our after school STEAM programs are offered at dozens of schools throughout New York city and continues to expand. You can find us in Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Chelsea, Tribeca, Hell’s Kitchen, Financial District, and more.


Our professionally designed custom curriculum allows kids to focus on topics that will allow them to shape their own future, while still having fun! iCamp offers classes in coding, video game design, e-sports, science & engineering, robotics, chess, 3D printing, and more! Check out our Brochure for more details.

iCamp's Featured After School Programs

iCAMP’s mission is to get kids excited about STEAM. With our After School programming we expose kids to leading edge concepts, topics, and technologies in a hands-on format that they find fun and engaging. We offer courses for grades k-5 in technology, science, engineering, and art; Coding, video game design, robotics, science and engineering, cooking, art and design, E-sports, 3D printing, Minecraft, Roblox, and more! See our more popular programs below!


Minecraft Classes

Age Range: 7-12 years old


Students in our Minecraft courses will learn technology and design skills in this engaging software! They will learn about concepts ranging from art and architecture, to team building, to coding challenges!


Building Games with Roblox Studio

Age Range: 7-12 years old


Students will learn how to use the exciting Roblox Studio software to build games! In these courses, students will learn to build everything from basic obstacle courses to complex multiplayer games that they can play with friends!


Coding for kids

Age Range: 6-13 years old


Children learn best when they are excited and inspired by a topic. Your young developer will have a blast making their creations come to life with our programming classes for kids! Read on to learn more about our courses.

Chess Lessons

Age Range: 6-13 years old


Our online chess class for kids teaches students how to play chess in a fun and unique way. Our curriculum allows students of all chess levels to either start their journey or become masters. Take a chess class today!

E-Sports for kids

Age Range: 7-12 years old


E-League Junior, the first E-sports league for kids! It adds all the benefits of organized sports to playing video games from home! Strategy and team building are at the core of each practice session. Learn the basics or become a pro, all student levels are welcome!


Learn Robotics

Age Range: 5-12 years old


Students will use different robotics materials based on their age and skill level. The classes work with Cozmo robots, drones, Lego robotics, Ozobots, and more! Get your child started with robotics today!

After school program not offered at your school?

Request iCamp to come to your school!

We’re expanding! While we have partnerships with dozens of schools in NYC, we are always looking to find more. Want iCamp to teach after-school programs at your child’s school? Click the link below and fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to your school to start an afterschool program!

After School Frequently Asked Questions

What is iCamp?

Depending upon when you join the season, there may be 7-10 remaining sessions. At the end of the season, everyone will be invited to participate in the championship days.

Why Choose icamp?

Through our vetting process, we only allow the top 5% of candidates to become coaches.  Instructors then attend bootcamps to be trained on our custom curriculum to become the best possible video game tutors. 

How does Icamp Group students?

Students are placed in the appropriate league and group based on skill level, age, and parent preferences.

How many Students are on a Team?

There can be anywhere from 2-5 students on a team. We keep this range low in order to ensure that each student gets the attention they deserve.

What happens during a video game lesson?

Practices include: drills to increase skill, strategy building sessions, studying of maps/game details, learning how to work as a team, leadership training, and reviewing of game recordings to improve. 

Does iCamp have In-person and virtual Options?

Presently, the e-sports coaching is only virtual, like many of our other online group classes for kids

That being said, iCAMP does offer other in-person programming