Virtual Filmmaking and Animation Classes for Kids!

Our goal is to show students how to use technology to be creators, rather than consumers. Children learn best when they are excited and inspired by a topic. Your young developer will have a blast making their filmmaking and animation creations come to life!

Filmmaking and Animation Course Subjects

Computer Animation with Google Slides & Powtoon

This online course will explore animation and storytelling skills. Animation is the art of telling stories through a series of pictures. Students will learn how to create stop motion animations using Google Slides. They will also explore making animated movies through the use of the animation software Powtoon. Students will be able to choose one of these animation types to create a project of their choice by the end of this course!


Key takeaways:

  • Storytelling through animation 
  • Stop motion animation
  • Video animation

Filmmaking with WeVideo

Filmmaking is a 5 session video creation class. Filmmaking classes are designed for students aged 7-12 who are interested in learning how to create, edit, and share video content. Students will learn the ins and outs of video production. They will learn how to layer video clips, images, and audio into their videos, as well as learn the basics of how to create gifs!


 Key takeaways:

  • Elements of a video
  • Layering in videos
  • Video production in WeVideo

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