Individually Tailored Learning

Dive deep into all of your child's favorite STEAM topics! Our private online classes allow for ultimate flexibility in scheduling as well as course topics. Start a 1-on-1 class or join with your own private group! Tailor our classes to what your child needs!

Benefits Of Private Classes

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Personal Connection

Your child can choose from one of our topics, or pick several! With 1-on-1 and private group tutoring from our iCamp Instructors, they’ll build in-demand skills and create a completely personalized project—all from the comfort of home. For all skill levels, ages 7-13.


45-minute tutoring sessions with ultimate scheduling flexibility


Exciting curriculum tailored to your child’s interests and skill level


Project-based course bundles that promote fast advancement

and increased confidence

Customized Curriculum

Looking for a class in a certain topic, but there aren’t any classes coming up? Look no further! With our private classes you can choose any single topic or combination or topics for your child to learn. Click below to get started!


Dedicated and experienced instructors for all ages and experience levels


Custom curriculum that can be tailored to your child’s preference 


Class management: we’ll manage everything surrounding your child’s class, so you don’t have to

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Build Your Own Schedule

iCamp’s enrollment program is for parents looking to school their children on the go. With our private classes, you can pick any time that works for you, as many times a week as you like. Discover what personalized learning can do for your child!


Fun workloads to keep you child engaged

Flexible scheduling around your child’s school activities

Huge discounts on bundle courses for the whole semester

Year-round availability so your child can never stop learning

Popular Class Topics


Scratch Coding


1-on-1 Classes

Any topic(s) you choose!
$ 64
per session
  • 1-on-1 Private Mentorship
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Scheduling Flexibility

Private Group Classes

5 Sessions
$ 149
per student
  • Five 45 minute sessions
  • Choose your topic
  • Scheduling Flexibility



You are allowed ultimately flexibility with our private classes. Each session lasts 45 minutes are your child can attend up for 2 session per week. 

Who are our teachers?

Through our rigorous vetting process, we only allow the top 5% of candidates to become instructors. Instructors are then trained completely in our custom curriculum.

How does Icamp Assign Instructors?

Instructors will be assigned to students based on their expertise in the desired topic as well as their experience teaching students your child’s age. 

How many Students can be in a group?

There can be anywhere from 2 to 6 students in a private group. We keep our enrollment numbers low in order to ensure that each student gets the best education possible. 

How is our curriculum created?

We have expert level instruction directors creating leading edge curriculum based on classes we feel are most educational and beneficial to the mind of the student while still being fun. 

How do you start?

Click on the “Enroll Now” buttons and fill out your information. One of the members of our sales team will be in touch shortly!

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