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iCAMP's after school program works with schools in NYC, Westchester, Long Island and Philadelphia to provide high quality classes in disciplines like coding, robotics, science, and more. Learn more about our program today!

iCAMP's After School Specialities

iCAMP’s mission is to get kids excited about STEAM. With our After School programming we expose students to STEAM concepts, topics, and technologies in a hands-on format that they find fun and engaging. We offer courses for grades k-5 in disciplines such as computer science, robotics, science, engineering, art, and more. Have a look below at the some of topics that we cover in our courses.

Robotics and Lego Robotics

Essential skills such as engineering, cooperation, and problem-solving are exercised through age appropriate robotics kits. Children emerge from these courses more confident and better equipped to face future challenges.

Scratch Coding

Through project-based instruction, students will learn about key coding concepts such as events, loops, and conditionals. 

Python Coding

For more advanced coding classes students can take one of our Python courses. They are designed to transition students from block coding to writing code using Python syntax. 

Minecraft Video Game Design

Students in our Minecraft courses will learn technology and design skills in this engaging software. Core concepts from from design and architecture to team building and coding challenges.


Our E-Sports league is focused on building life skills through playing the cooperative games that kids already love. Practices focus on strategy, team building, communication, and sportsmanship.


Students will learn about chemical reactions, electricity, natural science, space and more. Through building and crafting students will have fun while discovering through inner scientist.


Students will explore the world of engineering with hands-on projects. Through challenges with real-world themes, students will have fun while developing the foundation of their engineering knowledge.

Roblox Video Game Design

Students will learn how to use the exciting Roblox Studio software to build games. In these courses, students will build everything from basic obstacle courses to complex multiplayer games.

3D Modelling & Printing

Few things capture the imagination quite like 3D printing. Children love dreaming up their creations and seeing them come to life before their eyes. Our courses use 3D modeling to practice geometry, design, and engineering.

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After School Frequently Asked Questions

Who is iCamp?

iCAMP is the largest STEAM education program in the greater NY area. Our specialities include summer camps, holiday camps, and after school classes.

Why Choose icamp?

iCAMP prides itself in its reliability, content, and instructor talent. We work tirelessly to ensure that every class session is as engaging, educational, and fun as possible!

What age groups does icamp serve?

Our programs are for students between the ages of three and 13.

What topics are the most popular?

Most of our classes include a coding, robotics, or science element. Lego Robotics is particularly popular with schools, parents, and students!

Who teaches icamp's classes?

Our instructors are passionate individuals who already have prior tutoring, teaching, or camp experience before working with iCAMP. In addition to going through a rigorous recruitment and onboarding process, every instructor meets with our curriculum team weekly for continuing education.

How many classes can you teach at my school?

That depends on you! With some partners we may only teach 1 or 2 classes, but with others we teach dozens. We are usually able to kick off a new class quickly, but the more notice we have the more classes we can run.