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Prizes for Online Coding Classes

Students can earn coins by advancing through our online classes. If a student stays focused and shows dedication toward learning in our 1-on-1 online classes, they can earn awesome prizes! Just one session can reward up to 100 coins!! The student can then turn-in these coins for the prizes shown below. Check out all the cool stuff!

Tier 1 – 2,400 Coins!

The PowerUp 3.0 offers the ability to control a paper aircraft with your smartphone! Turn the plane, fly fast, and boost ahead with this device attached to your aircraft designs!

Do you like video games? Do you like designing your own world? Bloxels is a platform that allows you to make and design your own video game characters, “bad guys,” objectives and levels. Create a new account or transfer one you’ve been working on.

Don’t judge it by size, he is a real robot that has many modes to play with, like obstacle avoidance, line-follow and etc. It is easy to build within 15 mins and can be controlled by remote or smartphones through Makeblock App (iOS/Android).

Tier 2 – 3,600 Coins!

The Instax Mini camera can support happy memories of your travels. Take photos of friends and family events. This Polaroid style camera comes in an array of bright colors. It comes with film. Choose your favorite!

Ozobots are tiny robots that are color sensitive. Program Ozobot using only markers. This comes with everything you will need, including the robot, code reference page, calibration instructions, and the three different colors needed to instruct Ozobot.

Raspberry Pi’s are great little computers, that you could fit in your pocket. Program yourself a portable video game, connect a touch display, or make an internet of things device with this versatile platform.

Tier 3 – 4,800 Coins!

Cozmo is a fan favorite. This little robot packs a big punch of features. From facial recognition and a sophisticated set of artificial intelligent responses, Cozmo navigates through the world in style!

The Tello drones are small, but mighty. Boasting a high definition camera, the Tello can be controlled by iPad or smartphone, and can be programmed via a Scratch plug-in from a computer. This is a great introductory drone.

This 3D printer is one of our favorites and comes highly recommended for ease-of-use, durability, and overall print quality. Simply assemble the printer in steps, load filament, load your file and start printing!

Tier 4 – 12,000 Coins!

Nintendo makes some great products, one of which is the Switch. With versatile controller and a big library of available games, this device will keep you entertained for hours. Just make sure to play with friends!

Lego Mindstorm allows creators and builders to make and alter Lego designs to build functioning robots. This kit comes with everything one might need in order to continue pursuing simple robotics and having fun along the way!

Virtual Reality allows for spatial oriented problem solving and entertainment. Explore the milky way, paint in three dimensions, or practice your hand-eye coordination with an array of available apps from Oculus.

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