Getting through COVID-19

As the news of Covid-19 has increasingly filled our homes over the past few weeks, many of us have had to make adjustments to our routines and expectations. We’ve had to become even more diligent about handwashing, we’ve had to cancel travel arrangements, and some of us may have loved ones who have already been directly impacted by this novel coronavirus. We are doing our best to control what we can in unpredictable circumstances, perhaps by stocking up on the essentials, avoiding large gatherings, or staying home more. 

We are all feeling the effect of Covid-19 deeply. Many of us are fearful in the face of such uncertainty, but our children are especially attuned to how the adults in their lives are reacting to the stress. With many schools and childcare programs closing their doors to slow the spread of this coronavirus, many of us are looking at more time spent at home together as a family. What can we do to reassure our children throughout this difficult time? How can we support our children’s varied needs at home as they are pulled out of the predictability of their usual routine?

Monitor your own stress levels 

  • Don’t feed into the fear. Worry weakens the immune system.
  • Your children are looking to you for comfort and a sense of predictability.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating a healthy diet. 

Focus on reconnecting and enjoying your time together

  • Play board games, card games, and work on puzzles! 

  • Listen to music or learn a new skill together.

Read aloud to your children (even if they are already independent readers themselves)

  • Sharing stories together is one of the simplest yet most valuable forms of connection. 
  • Many public libraries offer remote access to a wealth of free ebooks and audiobooks through an app called Libby. The interface is very user friendly and all you need to start browsing for books is to search for your “home” library and type in your library card information. 

Get outside into nature!

  • Get some fresh air and enjoy the calming influence of the natural world.
  • Reminder: being outside need not mean being around other people. Depending on your situation, it could mean exploring your own backyard or heading to a park or beach for a relaxing hike. Use your best judgement while keeping in mind social distancing suggestions.

Learn something new!

  • Watch a documentary – streaming services such as CuriosityStream have tons of award-winning science, technology, history and nature documentaries on demand.

  • Try out iCamp Online, our new platform for one-on-one STEAM classes your child can enjoy from the comfort of home! Students participate in live online lessons, interacting in real-time with experienced instructors. Our virtual classroom includes screen sharing, virtual

Above all else, breathe, and remember that you were your child’s first teacher. Don’t stress over academics, as a few weeks or even months without a curriculum will not lead to a massive loss of skills. You’ve got this!

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