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Online 1-on-1 Coding Classes

We’ve created an online classroom environment where kids reap the benefits of the iCAMP curriculum from the comfort of their own home. iCAMP provides vigorous lessons and top of the line instructors. Our online classes offer the most comprehensive, fun and engaging way for your child to excel at coding!

How it Works

Kids participate in live online lessons, interacting in real-time with an experienced instructor. We use web conference technology, where we have created a virtual classroom for our students, including screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, interactive presentations and an online coding environment. These engaging classes can be done in small groups or a 1-on-1 setting! Once your child has completed a course, they will be ready to move onto the next level. 

Keep Kids Focused

Keeping our students excited about the material is the best way to keep them focused and able to excel. In order to maximize engagement, we leverage project-based learning, even online! iCAMPERS do best when they feel that they are apart of the learning process, not just watching it unfold in front of them. We gamify the lesson plans, which keeps our students involved and keeps them engaged. 

Getting Started

We offer a free introductory session where you and your child can become acquainted with one of our instructors and see our virtual classroom first-hand. Our knowledgeable instructor will assess the skill level of the student in order to help determine that child’s starting point and trajectory through the iCAMP online class. After this first successful session, we work with your schedule to set up a recurring weekly class time. 

Our Main Features

Easy Scheduling

Our online classes are taught from the comfort of your home on a schedule that works for you!

Interactive Virtual

Screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard allow us to work with your child, keeping them engaged throughout the course!


Kids and parents can easily review past sessions!


We keep our parents up to do with weekly progress reports about their child’s progression through the course material.


Our instructors all have considerable coding experience and have undergone extensive training through our program.

Free First

The initial assessment session is completely free!

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