Virtual Coding Classes for Kids!

Our goal is to show students how to use technology to be creators, rather than consumers. Children learn best when they are excited and inspired by a topic. Your young developer will have a blast making their creations come to life!

What we're all about

Topics of the Future

Keep your child prepared for the future with our leading edge STEAM classes. We focus on the skills your child will need for the future.

Fun and Engaging

Learning works better when it's fun! Our engaging classes ensure your child is absorbing the maximum amount of information!

Created For Makers

Our programs are designed to empower children to be makers not just consumers. Let your child use technology to advance their life!

Rewards for kids

Validate your child's new skills with amazing rewards, certificates, coins, and prizes. We make sure that kids see the benefits of learning!

Course Subjects

Sprouts Coding

  • This course is a modification of our Coding Course for students ages 5 -6. Students will learn about core coding concepts, such as events, loops, and variables, through a mixture of unplugged and interactive games and activities.
  • Key takeaways:
  • • Storytelling
  • • Core Coding Concepts
  • • Fun and engaging activities for young coders

Scratch Coding

  • This course is a beginner level course to introduce students to coding concepts using Scratch. Through project based instruction, students will learn about events, loops, variables, and other core coding concepts. By the end of this course, students will be building their own simple games in Scratch.

 Key takeaways:

  • • Core coding concepts
  • • Video Game Creation
  • • Basic block coding

Python Coding

  • This course is intended to further students’ programming knowledge using Python. This course is appropriate for students aged 8-14 who have some prior coding experience. Students will learn about object-oriented programming concepts through the drag and drop, visual interactive platform on Codesters.
  • Key takeaways:
  • • Advanced coding concepts
  • • Transition from block coding to writing code
  • • Advanced game and story design

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Scratch Coding

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