Virtual Coding Classes for Kids!

Our goal is to show students how to use technology to be creators, rather than consumers. Children learn best when they are excited and inspired by a topic. Your young developer will have a blast making their creations come to life with our programming classes for kids! Read on to learn more about our courses. 


Popular Coding Classes Subjects

Scratch Coding

This programming class for kids is a beginner level course to introduce students to coding concepts using Scratch. Through project based instruction, students will learn about events, loops, variables, and other core coding concepts. By the end of this course, students will be building their own simple games in Scratch.


 Key takeaways:

  • Core coding concepts
  • Video Game Creation
  • Basic block coding

Python Coding

This coding class for kids is intended to further students’ programming knowledge using Python. This course is appropriate for students aged 8-14 who have some prior coding experience. Students will learn about object-oriented programming concepts through the drag and drop, visual interactive platform on Codesters.


Key takeaways:

  • Advanced coding concepts
  • Transition from block coding to writing code
  • Advanced game and story design

Sprouts Coding

This programming class for kids is a modification of our Coding Course for students ages 5 -6. Students will learn about core coding concepts, such as events, loops, and variables, through a mixture of unplugged and interactive games and activities.


Key takeaways:

  • Storytelling
  • Core Coding Concepts
  • Fun and engaging activities for young coders

Other Popular iCAMP Classes

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Coding Classes for Youths FAQ

Wondering what exactly a kids coding camp might entail? Read on to learn more about iCAMP’s programming classes for kids and more! 

What is Coding?

Coding is how we communicate with computers. Different languages like Javascript, Python, and more allow us to give commands and instructions. Through these languages, we can create websites, video games, phone apps, and more. 

Why enroll your child in a coding class?

Coding is incredibly useful in teaching young minds how to problem solve and think creatively and critically. It empowers children by bringing their hard work to life in the form of animations and engaging games. Children are able to learn coding languages much faster when they’re young, making it a valuable skill to study and play with. Programming classes for kids also teach skills that can be applied years in the future and are invaluable in the workforce.

how to choose the right programming class for your child

A wide range of classes can make it difficult to pick out the best option for your child. Look for a class that advocates for active learning, which encourages students to get a hands-on experience with the code. Keep in mind age-appropriate classes for your child so the material is the best fit for them. 


Is there anything in particular your child wants to learn to code? If they’re especially invested in a particular coding language, they might be most interested in our python programming classes. If they want to bring their code to life, we highly recommend our Scratch coding classes. Or if they’re still pretty new to programming, you might want to check out Sprouts coding classes for kids.