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Hamptons Summer Camp 2020

We here at iCAMP wanted to create a space where campers could bridge the gap between virtual reality, and just plain reality. Technologies such as robotics, drones, 3-D printing and graphic design are the direction in which the world is moving, so it is crucial that children learn these skills in order to compete. It is also important, however, that practical, hands-on skills such as farming, woodworking, art and collaboration are not lost.

We are proud to offer a 20% discount to students who attend local schools! Additional need-based scholarships available. Reach out to Lulu for more information: or 631-466-5298.


Our STEAM-based curriculum incorporates a number of topics that your child will love! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, Math. Each week focuses on a unique set of topics. Kids are split into groups based on age and rotate through the workshops with their groups! All of our campers learn the same topics but through different age-appropriate activities.

Tech as a Tool

We want to teach all of our iCAMPERS to become creators. Today, it’s so easy to get lost in technology and mindless scrolling. Not only do we teach kids the importance of disconnecting from technology, but we also teach them to use the technology as a tool to accomplish other tasks. Whether navigating drones through obstacle courses, racing robots or making movies, kids learn to use tech as tools to create something larger than themselves.

Enjoying the Outdoors

iCAMP is located at the Nova’s Ark Project in Bridgehampton. The 100-acre property is home to sculptures, horses, tons of open space and fresh air! Our campers will spend quite a bit of time outdoors, not only for the Nature and Sustainability portion of iCAMP, but also to incorporate technology into the world around them.

Passion Projects!

We believe that kids should pursue topics they are interested in! That’s why we let them decide what to do for their passion project each week. Our campers have created computers, made movies, built armor, constructed robots, built catapults, made exploding volcanoes and lots more. The only limit is the imagination!

Topics We Cover

3D Printing



Virtual reality








Wood Working

Movie Making


And More!

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