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Our beginner level cource introduces students to coding concepts using Scratch. Students learn about events, loops, and variables while coding their own programs using Scratch.

kids at scratch coding for kids class

Why Scratch Coding?

Technology becomes a more and more essential part of our professional and personal life. Early ages are great time to introduce different aspects of technology to your kids. With Scratch Coding your children will develop some future skills such as computational thinking, creativity, and problem- solving skills!


At iCAMP, our students learn the basics of programming in a playful, interactive way. By creating their own projects in Scratch, they learn how to write good and clear code and develop a passion for programming!

Kids exploring coding

Our curriculum


Students will be able to understand the coding concept of events and program to do different things when different events are selected

XY Axis

Students will be able to understand the coding concept of location on a screen and program a sprite to glide and move to different locations

Animating Sprites

Students will be able to learn about animation and be able to switch costumes to animate a character.


Students will be able to create a program using loops and understand the concept of loops in programming

Making a Clicker Game in Scratch

Students will be able to use Scratch lessons to create a game and learn how add a Score variable to a game

& More

Students will also learn how to add Sound to Scratch Projects, record their own voice, will understand the basics of conditionals or If/Then Statements and have lots of fun projects to apply their knowledge into practice

how our scratch camp works

iCAMP's Summer Camp instructor

kids sign up and get a welcome pack

Upon sign up kids get a special welcome pack.

they are put into cohorts and start attending classes

While learning in our virtual "Scratch Coding For Kids" classes, our small size group of children get to know each other and their instructors. The teacher uses a shared screen option so everyone can see what she is doing on desktop, and kids can fully participate in the lesson by using the microphone or the chat.

kids pair programme and build projects

Students learn by doing and work on interest-based projects, which create a fun class dynamics where we don't present the answers but look for them together.

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Try the first day of “Scratch Coding For Kids” class for free, and only pay if your child decides to stay for the week.

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