Esports & Video Game Coaching.
Safe & supervised.
Fun for All.

The values of organized sports, delivered through video games!

The first Esports league for kids!

Strategy and team building are at the core of each video game lesson.


Players will have fun through friendly competition and growing with their team.


Safe and supervised on our private servers with our video game tutors teaching and guiding every player.


Kids of all skills levels are welcome!

Esports Coaching - Fall Season: Roblox, Speed Race

speed race game image

Speed Race

Compete against the enemy team in an intense racing game. Students will need to work together if they want to secure the victory!!

League Summary

Our Esports league is focused on building life skills through playing the cooperative games that kids already love. Practices focus on strategy, team building, communication, and sportsmanship.


Each week players will meet with their team to practice or compete against another team under the careful guidance of a video game tutor.


Create a team of up to four of your child’s friends or sign up now to join a team of players around your child’s age.

League Details

Location: Virtual!

League Dates: Admissions start Sept 13th  – Regular season ends week of Nov 8th

Rolling Admissions: Sign up until October 11th

Age Range: 7 – 13 years old

Choose your day: Monday 

Time slots: 4pm

Enrollment Fee: $249 (for up to 10 weeks of competing)

Want to Create your own Esports team?

Create a team with friends and join together!

If you have a group of friends you want to join video game coaching with, simply complete the form below. We’ll reach out to set up the best time for everyone!

Esports Coaching FAQ

How many sessions are there?

Depending upon when you join the season, there may be 7-10 remaining sessions. At the end of the season, everyone will be invited to participate in the championship days.

Who are The video game Coaches?

Through our vetting process, we only allow the top 5% of candidates to become coaches.  Instructors then attend bootcamps to be trained on our custom curriculum to become the best possible video game tutors. 

How does Icamp Group students?

Students are placed in the appropriate league and group based on skill level, age, and parent preferences.

How many Students are on a Team?

There can be anywhere from 2-5 students on a team. We keep this range low in order to ensure that each student gets the attention they deserve.

What happens during a video game lesson?

Practices include: drills to increase skill, strategy building sessions, studying of maps/game details, learning how to work as a team, leadership training, and reviewing of game recordings to improve. 

Does iCamp have In-person and virtual Options?

Presently, the e-sports coaching is only virtual, like many of our other online group classes for kids

That being said, iCAMP does offer other in-person programming