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Ask Hope: Projects

Dear Hope,

My child has a project due for class.  Are there any great technology resources that you can recommend?

Hannah R.



Dear Hannah,


As we get further in the school year, your child may come home with a project or two that they need to work on or maybe even some extra credit they want to earn.  Here are some creative websites that may help you make an awesome project, but don’t forget to check the teacher’s requirements carefully.


Brochures and Posters

Canva – A simple new way to design. Its drag and drop functionality enables students to create presentations, posters and one-page documents. Here are some getting started videos and getting started tutorials.


Google Drawings – Drawings is a Google App for Education that allows students to create custom drawings, annotate pictures, and create charts and diagrams.  You can easily insert drawings into Google Docs or save them as .jpg, .png, or pdf. 

Videos and Animations

WeVideo – A powerful and collaborative cloud based video editor.  WeVideo is great because it can be used on most devices so students can easily access it at school and home.  Here are some tutorials to help get started with WeVideo.


Powtoon – Students can tell stories with the animated characters of Powtoon.  This can be used as an alternative to book reports or as part of a video assignment.  Get started with some video tutorials.

Interactive Slides

Thinglink – A platform for creating interactive infographic with hyperlinks, images and videos.  This can be used as a simplistic website, but it also works really well with 3D images and videos to take it to the next level.  Check out these tutorials for an introduction to Thinglink.


Google Sites – Google Sites is another Google App for Education that allows students to create their own websites with easy design features.  Students can easily include information that they have typed in Google Docs and add images that are stored in their Google Drive. Google Sites support can help get you started.






Hope Mulholland is the iCAMP Curriculum Director and a Technology Integration Specialist. 



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